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Croacia Email Databases
91-0176 Email Database ISA Croacia 2019

30,000 emails of Croacia
EUR 40

Europe Email Databases
91-0167 Email Databases ISA Europe 2019

19 countries in Europe - 6.1 million emails
EUR 145
91-0147 Email Databases ISA Europe Corporative 2019

18 countries in Europe - 2.9 million corporative emails
EUR 196

International Email Databases
91-0174 Email Databases ISA Latin America 2019

20 countries in Latin America - 6.7 million emails
EUR 120
91-0172 Email Databases ISA Latin America Corporative 2019

15 countries in Latin America - 1,036,000 corporative emails
EUR 145
91-0148 Email Databases ISA International 2019

46 countries - 14.2 Million emails
EUR 220

Speciales Databases
91-2010 ISA Unsubscribers, Complainants and Spamtraps 2019 Database

List of soft complainants (unsubscribe), hard complainants and spamtraps to add to your opt-out list and avoid spam complainants and inclusion of your domains in blacklists
EUR 25

ISA Email Packer 2
Email List Optimitation Software

Mix up to 3 lists
Eliminates duplicates
Divide lists into packages with least amount of emails
Eliminates the cut emails
Cleans commas, quotation marks, or the character that you want to
Select emails from a domain
Remove unwanted domains
Deletes emails that contain certain words or symbols
Select emails that contain a certain word
Select emails of corporative domains

EUR 45

Email sending service
93-3050 Super Server Plan EU-50K

Sending 50.000 emails in Latin America and/or Europe
EUR 60
93-3150 Super Server Plan EU-150K

Sending 150.000 emails in Latin America and/or Europe
EUR 150
93-5002 Super Server Plan EU-1M

Sending 1 MILLION emails in Latinamerica, U.S. or Europe
EUR 300
93-5003 Super Server Plan EU-20M

Sending 20 MILLION emails in Latinamerica, U.S. or Europe
EUR 740

Software Consulting
91-4001 Installation of Mailer with Scanner of Open SMTP Servers

Configuration and support of a multi server emailing system
EUR 179
91-4006 Installation of Email Marketing System
with SMTP Server with SPF and DKIM

- Program installed on your computer that allows local administration of your campaigns
- SMTP Servers appropriate to the rules SPF and DKIM
- Online statistics
- Works on Internet service providers with port 25 locked (use port 587)

EUR 55

ISA Email Marketing
Fabián Torre
Software Consulting

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WhatsApp: +55 719 9313-1792 - Skype: chronskype

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