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CHRON Commercial Format (create TXT file)

The record format generated is the following:


2221 = 4 digits for the company code. This field is used in case the payroll software was multi-company
000000012 = 9 digits for the employee´s code used in the payroll software, that is programmed in every employee profile in Chron in the field Payroll software code and that is not necessary to be the same number used in Chron as digital key.
223 = 3 digits for the calculation number. This field is the payroll calculation number used in some payroll systems to identify each month closed in the system. Sometimes more than one calculation is closed every month, when the company pays weekly or example.
0004 = 4 digits for the account code used in the payroll software. Each account (Normal time, overtime, etc.) has an ID code that is programmed for the exportation. It is not necessary to program all codes, just those to be used.
00000002842 = 11 digits for the total time for the account. The first 9 are the total hours and the last 2 the minutes.
00000000000 = reserved